How to clean a spotting scope

How to clean a spotting scope

By Md Mamunur Rahman

To maintain top performance, you should ensure that your scope is always clean. You can imagine the dirt your scope accumulates while you are out there in the woods. The dust, fog, rainwater and among other impurities that make your lenses, barrel and the scope body dirty. Obviously, dirty lenses with make your images look dull and of low quality.

This is because it decreases the brightness and the sharpness of the image, leaving you with a low definition image that is unworthy to look at. In addition, you would rather maintain your scope than purchase a new one after a short while. To avoid this shortcoming, here is a guide on how you will always ensure that your scope is clean and functions effectively;

Gather your necessities
You will need unique fibers such as the Ultra Brush to clean the delicate surfaces of the scope. This includes the optics that can get damaged when clean with a hard brush.

You will also require a cloth with non-woven fibers and extra thickness that can remove any grease and dirt from the surfaces of the lens.

A liquid anti-fog cleanser will also be essential for this purpose
You should always remember that cleaning materials such as the microfiber cloth offered by the manufacturer are best for your scope. You may purchase the same types of cloth and cleansing liquid once they are over. This ensures that your tool meets the best requirements to make it last longer.

Cleaning the outer surface of the scope
Using the soft microfiber cloth with extra thickness, you can gently wipe the outer surface of the scope. Ensure that you avoid contact with the lens as this is not the right material to clean the lens. Ensure that any dirt, grease or stain is wiped. Ensure that the piece of cloth is clean. You can also clean it after use in preparation for the next use.

Cleaning the lens
While cleaning the lens, start with the larger lenses. This time, use the Ultra Brush to wipe away any dust particles. You should wipe gently in motion, starting from the center of the lens while moving towards the edges of the lens. The gentle motion will ensure that the glasses are not scratched. You should handle your tool carefully to ensure that it does not slip, scratch or wrap.

Safe Storage
After cleaning your scope, you may want to store it safely waiting for the next use. Ensure that the lens covers are placed back in their place. The scope should also be placed in its casing and stored in a cool, dry place. This way, no moisture, dirt or dust will accumulate on the scope again. As delicate as your scope is, you should ensure that it is always handled with care, just as you are handling an egg.

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