Top 10 items for your Survival Kit (on a budget!)

Top 10 items for your Survival Kit (on a budget!)

By: The Editor

How to put together the ultimate bug-out-bag?

Everyone’s needs are different when it comes to the question of “We have moments to get the hell out of here… what are we bringing with us?”

“What will you take with you when you need to evacuate because of a zombie outbreak, or raid, or even a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, fire, terror attack or mass shooting?”

My advice to everyone is to have 1 bag in your car, one bag in your home.

What is a “Bug-out-bag?”

A bug-out-bag is a bag usually stored away for emergencies should you ever need to make an evacuation or escape from your home.

This is a snippet of one of the survival e-books we are working on that explains bug out bags very well:

Bug out bags: 

Make copies of all important licenses, mortgages,
insurance papers, marriage certificates. Include these in the bag in a water resistant file folder, lockable metal clipboards work very well.

For each family member: (Each should have a personal backpack)

- 2 days worth of clothes, 

- 2 weeks of any special medicines they need, spare pair of glasses if they wear them. 

- 1-2 small toys per child.

- Toothbrush/paste, small shampoo bottle/soap/towel. 

- Sanitary napkins for whomever might need them in the family. 

- A small 1st aid kit. 

- A spare pair of shoes. 

- Gloves, spare socks. 

- Comb. 

- 1-2 spare batteries for any hearing aides.
- Keep emergencies numbers for family/insurance group/work/school. 

- Put relatives that are out of State phone numbers in there. It is weird, but when local lines are down from some natural disaster, many times the long distance lines will still be working. 

- An emergency blanket. 

-a THICK plastic bag. 

- A small throw blanket. 

- Family radios are not a bad idea. 

- Put new batteries in when you check the packs every 6 months. 
Hard candy and a 2 liter bottle of water

Store these in an area near a exit door, like a coat closet. Update them every 6 months or so.

The above list has some great advice and gives you a pretty good idea of what kinds of items and gear you should be thinking about when preparing your bag.

Now I want to go over my top 10 items to put in your bag.

The bag we are talking about goes in your car and stays in the trunk for in case you ever get into an accident, run out of gas, or break down somewhere… inconvenient. For this car bag it is a good idea to add some additional items such as road flares and/or safety LEDs, anti-freeze, oil, and a gas can (preferably with some gas in it).

The bag for your home stays somewhere safe and easy to get to. You want to be able to grab it at a moments notice. For example, your house is on fire, and you need to GO!!!

If you have a two story house then I suggest placing a 3rd bag on the top story. This is in case you are upstairs when an evacuation has to be made. It is advised to invest in or make a rope ladder so that you can include that for any upstairs bags, this includes those who live in apartment buildings. I use a duffel bag for my evacuation kit and a rope ladder that I bought rolls up and sits right on top of it. You never know when you may not be able to use the front door and need to climb out of the window due to a fire or home invasion.

Click here <— to get a professionally produced high quality survival kit from a trusted brand within the industry. I highly suggest tossing one of these into each of your duffel bags if you want to take this project seriously.

The type of bag itself is the first choice that you will need to make. If I can find a good deal online for a bag then I will post a link here but it is really up to you. Shop around for the bag and take your time looking for a good deal. Ideally you want a bag that will hold everything you need it too. Anything else is a bonus, such as being water proof or resistant. What I would do is think about what items you are going to be putting into the bag. I even recommend buying all of your items, first so you know exactly how much space you need.

This brings us to the next 3 most important items on our shopping list.

The gear. The food. And some water.

Now is the time that you want to consider how long you are going to need to survive off this bag for if you were forced to evacuate.

I usually tell people to shoot for having a minimum of 3 days worth of food and water anything else is a huge bonus.

As for the types of food to order. You need to pick items with long shelf life. Look at the expiration date on anything you put in there and make sure it is at least a year out. Some MREs (made ready meals) have a shelf life of 5 years but have been known to last a lot longer in some cases.

As for water I suggest a 6 pack of sealed bottled or canned water.

Okay. Now that we have all of the basics covered. I want to talk about what you have all been waiting for.

My top ten MUST HAVE items in your evacuation bag, bug out bag, survival kit, boat bag… whatever you want to call it… as long as you have these 10 items (Not counting your food and water of course) then you will have a huge advantage in many survival situations.

1.) Flashlight: We are talking about the GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000 with Magnet [2 PACK]  for $9.99.

The GearLight flashlights are beasts. They will be insanely bright, durable, and they are water resistant. They can survive a 10-foot drop and being run over by a car. They’ll work fine for our needs today and aren’t too expensive.

2.) First Aid Kit – A light weight but capable first aid kit, at only $8.99 it is affordable enough to put one in each bag. Do not skimp on the first aid kit. This is Amazon’s Choice for personal first aid kits for home, hiking, camping, or to keep in your car.

3.) Tent – This ultra-light weight tent is amazing and super within our budget! Great for camping also!

4.) A lighter – You might as well get yourself a nice USB rechargeable lighter… if you have ever struggled with a flint lighter in the wind… then you know you don’t want to be doing that when you are about to die of hypothermia.

This lcfun Waterproof Lighter is one hell of a tool, def one of the best plasma lighters you can own. Known for giving top dollar performance for mid-dollar price.

Here is a 5 star review from an outdoors-man known as “John” who purchased the same lighter from amazon had to say about it and I just thought that was the perfect response as to what we were looking for… Thanks John!

Verified Purchase: “I have tried several brands of plasma lighters and this one is the most all-around reliable. I’m out in the woods a lot and my equipment has to stand-up to the elements. I dropped the lcfun Waterproof Lighter in 3 inches of water three times for 5 seconds each. I inspected the lighter. There was no moisture inside the cap and it lit immediately. The charging port is inside and protected by the cap. I dropped the lighter from about 3 feet onto a wood floor and then on concrete. No damage and it lit immediately.
The lighter comes with a lanyard so it can be attached to a belt loop or worn around the neck.”

5.) Survival Axe – This survival axe is also a knife, firestarter, and compass. You can also store spare fishing line and matches in the handle to keep them safe and dry. In the out doors you are only as good as your axe and your knife. The knife on here can also be used to spear fish by tying to a long cord.

6. Bear Mace – The next best thing to a gun when it comes to protection. Substitute for wasp spray if you need too. This will deter anyone (criminals, raiders/invaders) or anything (bears, mountain lions) from trying to kill you if you can spray them in the face before they do.

7.) Battery Bank – This model even has a built in flashlight. A battery bank is a must have because it is going to allow you to charge your phone, arc-lighter, and any other USB devices you may have.

8.) Burner phone – Finally the number 1 most important item on this list!! This is a pre-paid phone that comes with $40 worth of air time installed on it. The smartphone + $40 worth of air time is a good deal because you never know when your phone may be lost, stolen, or broken in an emergency situation and it is by far the BEST tool that you can have on you. It needs to be loaded, charged and ready. I suggest one for each bag since they are so cheap.

9.) Cash – Yes, cash. U.S. Dollars. Put enough cash in there to fill up your tank and get a bite to eat. I suggest about $100. This way if you run out of gas at least you always have a working phone and cash for gas, a spare part, or a tow. You also never know when you may lose your wallet.

10.) A paperback copy of “Bushcraft: The Ultimate Guide”: <– This is one of the best survival manuals of all time and I can not recommend it enough. For less than $9 is is worth it to grab an extra because it is the best paper back guide you can get for the money on the subject of wilderness survival and bush-craft.

Hopefully this list of top 10 must have items for your modern survival kit inspires you to build the perfect bug out bag for yourself. It takes a lot of time to research and review these products and then to write about them plus maintaining my blog also costs money and a lot of time. If you got anything out of this content then please consider using the affiliate links posted within the articles in order to get the best deals and to support future content. Thank you so much for your support!!

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