Why Should I Prepare For A Disaster?

Why Should I Prepare For A Disaster?

By Jake Buckland

Behind this, straightforward question is the assumption that preparing for an emergency is not required. You might be thinking that this world is relatively safe, your job stable and your kids healthy. So then why do you need to store food and water for a disaster that might not happen? Wouldn’t your time, energy and money be better spent taking care of things you know are important and not uncertainties like disasters? Absolutely yes.

However, preparing for a disaster shouldn’t take away from your life’s responsibilities and joys. Your mortgage will still need to be paid. Your vacation should still go ahead as planned and your kids’ college tuition should continue being saved.

Those of us who are pursuing disaster preparedness at the cost of neglecting personal and professional responsibilities are missing the point altogether. You don’t need to devote your entire life to disaster preparedness to be prepared. You can still live a very fulfilled life while preparing for tough times. We believe that striking this balance is not only possible, but as the head of any household, we think it’s a responsibility.

We are neither survivalists nor mindless followers of government nonsense. We believe in family, country, and human life. A substantial component of that belief is preparation. We were born out of the horrific terrorist attacks that took place on September 11th, 2001. That event has forever changed our view of what it means to be safe. Another critical moment in our history was the 2004 Christmas Tsunami that took over 230,000 lives in 14 countries. As we were celebrating the holiday season in North America, our brothers and sisters were suffering around the world. Then again in 2011 the Japan earthquake and deadly tsunami caused immeasurable damage and death and nearly caused a worldwide nuclear disaster.

The one good thing that came out of these horrific events is that people from all around the world took a minute to consider their own level of preparedness. For those brief moments after these disasters, people stopped blindly trusting governments to protect them and starting seeking answers to defending themselves.

Unfortunately the feeling didn’t last; instead it got replaced with celebrity news, the latest smartphone and politics. Unfortunately, when the next disaster strikes we forget about the lessons learned and become no better prepared than we were before.

What makes us different is that we provide a practical way of becoming prepared that doesn’t require you to rearrange your whole life. We pledge to provide practical emergency kits and relevant articles based on scientific research that’s geared towards increasing your personal knowledge.

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