Modern Survivor’s Guide

The following information is brought to you personally by the editor of the Modern Survival Blogs:

“In this day in age we must all learn to expect the best while always being prepared for the worst.

There are many real life disaster situations that can happen to us or loved ones at any given time and 90% of people are not prepared.

The skills and tools outlined in this blog will not only potentially save your life one day, the skills can also be applied to camping, hunting, recreation, lifestyle, fitness, and more.

There are also those of us who just prefer to live off of the land and with nature. Others who enjoy the hustle of the city and who are adapt at urban survival foraging dumpsters and abandoned buildings instead of mushrooms from the forest floor.

Anyways, I feel like I am rambling here… I probably shouldn’t make huge updates to the blog when I have been drinking homemade wine but I am one of those people who enjoys to indulge in gifts from mother nature and so this is what I do for fun.

Whether you are done with modern society and ready to start a new life in nature or if you just want to have the tools, information, and skills to be able to just have the option… This blog will certainly have something for everyone.

From guides on how to locate medicinal, edible, and psychotropic plants, to building plans/blueprints, tools/traps, and survivalist tutorials, to bug out bags, survival kits, as well as books that teach how to garden off the land, and many diverse recipes for multiple diets in different parts of the world, how-tos for firearms/gun  training and hand to hand combat, and books… we will provide you will all of the free information that we can plus a whole lot more.

We rely on community feedback to give us an idea of what you want to know more about so we will be reading all of your comments and taking note of any purchases made as well as the articles they are related too in order to keep bringing you the most useful information about prepping and modern urban/wilderness survival on the internet.

Thank you for your support!”


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